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    Acupuncture and Meridians - 経絡

    Acupuncture and Meridians - 経絡 (KeiRaku) In Oriental medicine, the mind and body is thought of as a whole rather than as separate systems within the body. Oriental medicine recognises an interconnectivity throughout the body involving meridians which act as pathways for the flow of energy, or ‘Ki’. This means that whatever happens to one part of the body can affect other parts of the body. Meridians are used for both diagnosis and treatment. Using meridians for treatments involves [...]

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    Whats that smell in the clinic ?

    Whats that smell in the clinic ? Recently a few patients have been in this position… they’ve booked their treatment at the Buddha Bar and they’ve been looking forward to it all week. They head over to Newtown and enter the clinic, escaping the hustle and bustle of King Street, and there it is. It’s subtle but they can smell it and it seems kind of familiar. They take a seat and they think they know what it is - someone is smoking funny stuff! They see the Acupuncturist, Ilan, and the [...]

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    Acupuncture as Preventative Medicine

    Acupuncture as Preventative Medicine Traditionally Acupuncture was used more for prevention than as a cure. Each village would have an acupuncturist, usually an older male, and the local people would visit him during the change of seasons which is traditionally a time when the shifting climate causes significant changes in humans. If any of the town’s people fell ill outside of these ‘treatment times’ they would not pay for the extra treatment. It was the role of the practitioner to [...]

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